Gay Marriage? Not "Today"

NBC’s Today Show has …

By Nick Stergiopoulos

Brit Court reverses decisions to send gay men back into the closet

Britain's Supreme Court announced that a gay men from Cameroon and another from Iran who sought asylum in the UK …

By Aaron Hicklin

Out in the Silence

When Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer placed their wedding announcement in the newspaper of Wilson's hometown of Oil City, …

By Gregory Miller

Preview: Outfest 2010

There's a buzz in the air all over West Hollywood. Banners are heralding the dates. Circulars are in all the stores. …

By Eddie Shapiro

Chatter: Johnny Weir

"To me masculinity and femininity are nothing. I don’t believe in them being real adjectives. You can say someone …

By Noah Michelson

The "Iconic" Michael Breyette

Photo: Buck by Michael Breyette, used with permission …

By Justin McCraw

Wake Me Up Before You… Go-Go and Call the Cops

Photo: Getty Images …

By Noah Michelson

Aphrodite Arrives

By Noah Michelson

Catching Up With Johnny Weir

When you hear the name Johnny Weir, it's not the fact that he's a three-time U.S. National Champion and Olympic figure …

By Dustin Fitzharris

The Men of A Single Man

By Editors

Face to Face: The Futureheads

By Editors

When Gay Equals Funny

What’s the funniest of these (real) names? Anna Sassin? Ada Poo? Ima Gay? Pat Fenis? Well, of course the gay one, …

By Jessanne Collins

The Men of A Single Man

By Noah Michelson

Face to Face: The Futureheads

British band The Futureheads, who first blew up thanks to a brilliant cover of Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love," back in …

By Noah Michelson

WTF YouTube Video: Diane Horner's Country Hip Hop

Watch it, spread it, dance it, love it -- make it your life. We have. …

By Noah Michelson