There is still a chance he could play for the NFL.

The Pride: Mature Content in Progress

[Note: There may be some spoilers in the following review. Read at your own risk.] …

By Noah Michelson

The Cure for the Common Superbowl

By Noah Michelson

Caprica's Gay Gangster

Photo: Syfy …

By Noah Michelson

Project Runway: Pantone 186 C

Photo: NBC A real-life conversation between some Campbell’s Tomato Soup and a dress. All dialogue guaranteed real, yet …

By Noah Michelson

The Day-Glow

Photo: Getty Images …

By Noah Michelson

Enquirer Outs Anderson Cooper

Is the media repealing it's "don't ask, don't tell" stance on Anderson Cooper's sexuality? …

By Jessanne Collins

American Idol: All-Male Naked Flesh Edition

Photo: Michael Becker / FOX. …

By Noah Michelson

Off and Running

Off and Running, a new documentary which brilliantly redefines the concept of the American family, features a teenage …

By Gregory Miller

Promises, Promises Looks Promising

By Noah Michelson

The Losers Heads to the Big Screen

By Noah Michelson

Gaga Gets Inked (Again)

By Noah Michelson