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Better than the original right?

October 07 2013 2:53 PM

Director-producer Marta Cunningham and producer Sasha Alpert discuss the poignant HBO documentary

October 07 2013 11:53 AM

Yes, actual twerking happens

October 07 2013 11:20 AM

She talks with Wanda Sykes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Dan Bucatinsky; network premieres heartbreaking documentary, 'Bridegroom'

October 07 2013 10:13 AM

Experience the intensity between the two young actors prior to the film's release

October 07 2013 9:06 AM

Also: Macho posturing at Anderson Cooper’s BF’s bar

October 07 2013 8:29 AM

The film airs on the Cartoon Network as part of its Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative

October 06 2013 5:58 PM

On Sunday, the battle for the tiara resumes at LA's outrageous Best in Drag Show

October 05 2013 3:38 PM

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

October 04 2013 6:56 PM

If I really wanted to save you time, I’d just list that what was right about it.

October 04 2013 5:11 PM