Marvel Gives Us a First Look at Lady Thor

...And five other things you should know today.

It's In His Kiss: Two Men Break World's Record for Kissing

While some people look expectantly to the weekend for a quick hook-up (or is that just us?), most don't expect it to …

By Max Berlinger

Catching Up With Mike O'Malley

Glee has broken the television mold in more ways than one. Its portrayal of what at first appeared to be a homophobic …

By Phillip B. Crook

Kate Bush's Hounds of Love Turns 25

By Noah Michelson

DJs Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith Provide a Soundtrack for Your Weekend

Weekend plans? Our bet is on Saturday‚Äôs SProcket! party, a bold sociological experiment that asks what would happen if …

By Noah Michelson

Desperately Seeking Susan Hits 25

By Noah Michelson

Need To Know: Sky Ferreira

18-year-old Sky Ferreira is poised to be the next big thing on the pop music block.

By Noah Michelson

Catching Up With Brandy

Brandy was riding high. At 15, the singer released her self-titled debut album and racked up hit singles with 'I …

By Dustin Fitzharris

Hummer: Kayne West's "Runaway"

By Noah Michelson

Ricky Martin Gets Inked

By Noah Michelson

Oprah Revisits a Groundbreaking Episode on AIDS in America

Oprah kicked off the final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show by giving every single one of her audience members a …

By Noah Michelson

Margaret Cho's First Cha Cha

By Noah Michelson

Good Head for George Michael?

By Jessanne Collins

Need To Know: Matt Costa

On September 21 singer-songwriter Matt Costa releases his third full-length album, Mobile Chateau. We caught up with …

By Noah Michelson

Win a Trip to See Vampire Weekend in Las Vegas

What's better than seeing Vampire Weekend in concert? How about winning the Palms Presents Vampire Weekend Diesel …

By Noah Michelson