Sexy, Cuddly Guys Make Out in Matt Alber's 'Handsome Man' Vid

The music video is for the song from his new album, Wind Sand Stars

Catching Up With Sherry Vine

Sherry Vine has been making us laugh for over 18 years. She's known for brilliantly executed parodies of the biggest …

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Jimmy Carter

"Step-by-step, we have realized that this issue of homosexuality has the same adverse and progressive elements as …

By Noah Michelson

Beth Ditto To Release Solo EP

By Noah Michelson

Catching Up With Regina Spektor

The first night I moved to New York City, back in August of 2003, I dropped off my bags at my new apartment and rushed …

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Need To Know: Cameron Carpenter

A keyboard prodigy, Cameron Carpenter performed Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier at age 11 before joining the American …

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The Year of Robyn

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Stephin Merrit: Only The Lonely

As a writer, it's hard not to like the Magnetic Fields, the rueful, eclectic pop band headed by singer Stephin …

By Adam Haslett

Chatter: Mariah Carey

"If it makes somebody happy to say that, then whatever, but that’s not the reality. I don’t have a discriminatory …

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Win Easy A on DVD!

By Noah Michelson

Heather Cassils Needs Our Help!

Performance artist, personal trainer, 2010 Out 100 honoree, and co-star of Lady Gaga& …

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Foreign Affairs Returns!

By Max Berlinger

Chatter: Carol Channing

"The gay community is responsible for so much of my success, and I love them... Years ago, I was made their Queen …

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Fred Schneider's Favorite Christmas Albums

In the last 50 years, Christmas music has become quite the racket for musicians. If you don't have the time, heart, …

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