The Looking Boys Get Woody in Season 2

...And five other things you should know today.

Ladies We Love: Tippi Hedren

Unlike the menacing ravens in Bodega Bay, the flock at Shambala, a 72-acre wildlife sanctuary in the Mojave Desert, …

By Aaron Hicklin

Ladies We Love: Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop was a lifelong traveler, a painter, and a faithful correspondent who sent her friends the most readable …

By Mark Doty

Ladies We Love: Julia Child

Although only those among us with true kitchen ambition could ever enjoyably tackle a recipe from Julia Child's seminal …

By Kim Severson

Chatter: Kathy Griffin on The Palin Army

"The Palin Army probably could never really survive against the Gay Army. Because we don't need guns. …

By Noah Michelson

Need To Know: David Tutera

Photo: WE TV …

By Noah Michelson

Quickies: Friday, March 18 2011

> Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's four-year-old daughter Suri enjoys snacking on gummi penises …

By Noah Michelson

Pee-Wee Herman Is Coming Back To HBO

By Noah Michelson

A Happy St. Patrick's Day Video From Out To You

It was either a leprechaun... or it might have been a crackhead: It was either a leprechaun... or it might have been a …

By Noah Michelson

Hummer: Rebecca Black's "Friday"

By Noah Michelson

Quickies: Thursday, March 17 2011

> Courtney Love allegedly wanted to snort Kurt Cobain's ashes. …

By Noah Michelson

Is Lea Michele Going to Star in the 'Funny Girl' Revival?

We here at OUT are huge musical fans. And being gay, we can't deny that a musical starring Barbra Streisand is like …

By Max Berlinger

The Clap: Charles Busch's The Divine Sister

Homage, mimicry, tribute, camp: In the grip of Charles Busch, the eminent playwright and drag legend currently starring …

By Scott Hocker

Hummer: Sky Ferreira's "Sex Rules"

By Noah Michelson

Prepare for Perforations

By Max Berlinger

Need To Know: Zowie

Zoe Fleury, formally known as Bionic Pixie and now going by Zowie, is bringing her percussion-heavy brand of pop music …

By Noah Michelson

Quickies: Wednesday, March 16 2011

Photo: Getty Images > Go behind the scenes on Ricky Martin's (sometimes shirtless) album cover shoot. …

By Noah Michelson