Kate Bornstein To Be Subject Of New Documentary

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

Caravaggio of Love

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By Noah Michelson

Celebrity Autobiography Gets Proud

This past Saturday, amidst the ruckus and hoo-ha that is NYC Pride, some of comedy’s finest gathered at The Gramercy …

By Noah Michelson

“You and I” and My Cool Nebraska Guy

While the queen of the gays didn’t make an appearance at NYC Pride, over the weekend Lady Gaga tweeted an incredible new …

By Nick Stergiopoulos

Abercrombie & Fitch Relaunches Quarterly Magazine

Photo: Getty ImagesThe purveyor of polos and flannel, Abercrombie & Fitch, is set to bring back its magalog, A&F …

By Justin McCraw

Double Trouble on Double Exposure

Photo: Klink and Indrani …

By Noah Michelson

BUTT Goes to the Beach

Just in time for Pride, BUTT magazine has collaborated with American Apparel to create five special limited edition …

By Noah Michelson

What Won't You See This Fall? Next Fall

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By Justin McCraw

Michael Jackson: The King of Queer

A year ago today, radio stations across the nation electrified the airwaves with Michael Jackson's greatest hits, paying …

By Stephanie Fairyington

Model Citizen: Ruiz

NEXT >> Photographed by Ryan Pfluger at Brooklyn Photo Studio …

By Out.com Editors

Chatter: The Situation

"As for the Village Voice SitUAtioN -- it’s not for me to judge somebody’s sexual preference and in my opinion the …

By Noah Michelson

Catching Up With Tori Spelling

To anyone who turned on a television set between 1990 and 2000, the name Tori Spelling is synonymous with Donna Martin, …

By Joseph Hassan

Summer Entertaining

By Out.com Editors

The Jersey Shore Studs Land on Village Voice's Queer Issue Cover

Thank you, Village Voice, for this wonderful stunt. According to the New York Post, the men of MTV’s Jersey Shore were …

By Nick Stergiopoulos

What's Pride Without Cocktails?

It’s no secret that gay men love vodka. Appropriately, Skyy Vodka is returning as the official sponsor of …

By Nick Stergiopoulos