John Gallagher Jr. Dishes On Thanksgiving Traditions and His Man-Crush

The Tony-winning star of HBO's The Newsroom and the new indie The Heart Machine answers Out's most burning questions.

Out Goes To Sweden!

By Noah Michelson

First Look: Britney Spears's "I Wanna Go"

Noted: Out's April cover girl, Britney Spears, is badass. …

By Brent Ramsey

Chatter: Meryl Streep on Self-Admiration

"You know, there are some days when I, myself, think I'm overrated...but not today." …

By Jjannise

Quickies: Wednesday, June 22 2011

> Gay porn director ChiChi LaRue is making a feature film starring Chris Crocker (Yes, …

By Noah Michelson

Is Britney Back?

Just as one summer tour crashes and burns, another rises from its ashes. …

By Flash Steinbeiser

Tracy Morgan Apologizes To Nashville

Tracy Morgan's Nashville routine was a lot more melancholy this time around, as the comedian offered a public …

By Flash Steinbeiser

Never Fear, DC's Stormwatch Is Still Queer

Call it a fair trade for eliminating Superman's red underwear. …

By Flash Steinbeiser

Amy Winehouse Cancels Rest Of Her Tour

Well, you can't blame a girl for trying. After her recent stint in rehab, Amy Winehouse is meeting all expectations …

By Flash Steinbeiser

Quickies: Tuesday, June 21 2011

> Be still our beating hearts: Jake Gyllenhaal …

By Noah Michelson

Google Shows a Tiny Bit of Pride

In honor of Pride Month, Google is giving us some rainbow -- but is it enough? …

By Jjannise

Artist Scooter LaForge Releases His First Book at the Opening of "Queer From Zero to A Hundred"

Even though we've already had our fair share of sweltering days, the first official day of summer isn't until …

By Max Berlinger

Quickies: Monday, June 20 2011

> Glee's Ryan Murphy is engaged. …

By Noah Michelson