Watch Russell Tovey Explain How Rugby Works (With Gay Slang)

Watch Russell Tovey as Kevin on episode 3 of Looking explain (with gay slang)

Quickies: 11/9

Gay Muhammed; 30 powerful gays on Twitter; Ellen Degeneres; first gay Miss America

By Raef Harrison

Brett Ratner Fired by Oscars for Antigay Remarks

Director Brett Ratner was canned from his position producing the Oscars after making homophobic comments and discussing …

By Adam Rathe

Hammer of the Gods

Armie Hammer speaks to Dustin Lance Black about playing Hoover's love interest and kissing DiCaprio.

By Dustin Lance Black

My Brightest Diamond Releases Latest Album, 'All Things Will Unwind'

Quirky chanteuse Shara Worden speaks with us about moving back to Detroit and schlepping around all her instruments for …

By Jerry Portwood

Stuart's Not-So-Little

You can now add Jonathan Lipnicki to the long list of Canada's beefcake exports.

By Jon Roth

Taiwanese Cartoon Explains Gay Penguin Divorce

With a coyly political cameo!

By Mike Berlin

Boys Behaving Badly

Chris Lilley's follow-up to 'Summer Heights High' is so wrong, it must be right.

By Mike Berlin

Turn Off That Cell Phone. Seriously.

A sensory deprivation chamber for your cyber-self

By Jon Roth

Batwoman Reborn

Batwoman is out of the closet, and kicking ass

By Raef Harrison

The New Batwoman

By Raef Harrison

Lady Gaga Like You've Never Seen Her Before

A 'Bad Romance' cover that must be seen to be believed.

By Adam Rathe

Quickies: 11/8

Your morning quickies

By Raef Harrison

Hostage Calm Takes No Prisoners

A punk band with political edge takes a stand for gay rights.

By Jon Roth

NYC Homeless LGBT Youth Shelter a 'Disaster'

A longtime shelter for homeless LGBT youth is coming under fire for being far from safe.

By Raef Harrison

Should You Accept Your Boss's Friend Request?

It's a modern-day dilemma.

By Matthew Rand

Brett Ratner Could Use Some Media Training

The director thinks "rehearsing is for fags"; dated Olivia Munn before she was Asian

By Adam Rathe