Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Support Shiloh Wearing Suits & Being Called John

Brangelina's oldest biological child prefers suits to dresses, and wants to be called John. And the famous couple is ...

Flykingi has 'Gotta Go'

We weren’t expecting much when we got an announcement touting California-based rapper Flykingi's big YouTube …

By Adam Rathe

Mink Stole Talks Tennessee Williams & Her Upcoming Album

From Left: Regina Bartkoff, Mink Stole and Erin Markey at the Club at La MaMa.

By Jerry Portwood

Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff Are Dating...Supposedly

Now that Zachary Quinto is officially out as a gay man, it appears that his rumored relationship with Jonathan Groff is …

By Raef Harrison

Guy Pearce is Going Queer

According to Rampart director Oren Moverman, Pearce, along with Ben Foster and Kelly MacDonald, will be taking on a film …

By Adam Rathe

RECAP: American Horror Story Episode 5

As we spent most of the “Halloween Part 2” episode of American Horror Story (yay for a second season pickup!) waiting …

By Mark Peikert

The Wilde Boys of Poetry

Could Alex Dimitrov be making poetry cool again?

By Justin Jannise

The Habits of the A-List: Levi Crocker Shows His Goods

Hey, look! It’s Levi Crocker’s penis! But you were expecting that to come up eventually, right? The A-List …

By Raef Harrison

First Listen: Parallax by Atlas Sound

Is it time to embark on your mid-week musical soul-searching yet? The New York Times thinks so! Almost a full week …

By Mike Berlin

Abs of the Gods

Pics from the latest Ab fest.

By Raef Harrison

Subway Crushes from the Out Staff

Out editors pick their favorite cuties from blogs featuring unsuspecting subway crushes.

By Max Berlinger

Butt Magazine Slideshow

A look at Gert Jonkers' favorite images from 10 years of 'Butt'

By Adam Rathe

Standing On Ceremony

Playwright and director Moises Kaufman talks about the 'Standing on Ceremony' plays, and just how political the stage …

By Jordan Shavarebi

Rostam Batmanglij Releases "Don't Let It Get to You"

The Vampire Weekend-er releases a new song on his blog.

By Matthew Rand

Check Your Office Pool: Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce

Kim Kardashian's fairytale didn't last very long.

By Raef Harrison