Matt Fishel's 'First Time'

A music video that will make you want to be a teenager all over again.

By Jon Roth

Hugh Dancy

The actor proves he's more than just a pretty face in Broadway's painfully sexy 'Venus in Fur.'

By Mark Peikert

BAM Celebrates 150 Years

A collection of images from the Brooklyn Academy Music features everyone from Bette Davis to Baryshnikov -- and beyond. …

By Editors

Bizarre Drinking Habits

A new method of getting wasted may be a gateway drug to gay sex, or just a really horrible idea.

By Mike Berlin

Nico Muhly's 'Dark Sisters'

In the young composer's wild world, opera's a drug and Whitney’s still the ultimate diva.

By Michael Martin

Elton John: Now In Ballet Form

If you're in Toronto, don't miss this ballet inspired by Elton John's life and work.

By Jon Roth

RECAP: 'American Horror Story,' Episode 6

More gore, less Quinto but plenty of Jessica Lange-style crazy this week

By Mark Peikert

Film Review: 'J. Edgar'

Great jowls of fire! Never have I seen such useful prosthetics than in J. Edgar, director Clint Eastwood and writer …

By Mike Berlin

Can I Be Blunt? Miss Piggy

With her new gig at 'French Vogue,' fashion editrix Miss Piggy is in hog heaven. Here, her snout-out to the gays. …

By Editors

Gavin Creel Loves Kim Kardashian. Sort Of.

The Broadway star's latest blog post had us worried for a sec.

By Matthew Rand

Life Cafe, a Featured Player in 'Rent,' Rumored to Be Leaving Manhattan

The East Village cafe where playwright Jonathan Larson wrote his hit musical might be shutting its doors for good. …

By Jordan Shavarebi

Madonna Gives Us Her 'Love'

The Queen of Pop's new single leaks.

By Matthew Rand

Reader's Digest

A singular syllabus from persons of note.

By Editors

'Glee' Brought Sexy Back

Last night was the big night for 'Glee's gay couple Kurt and Blaine. What did you think?

By Raef Harrison

Quickies: 11/9

Gay Muhammed; 30 powerful gays on Twitter; Ellen Degeneres; first gay Miss America

By Raef Harrison

Brett Ratner Fired by Oscars for Antigay Remarks

Director Brett Ratner was canned from his position producing the Oscars after making homophobic comments and discussing …

By Adam Rathe