Need To Know: YACHT

YACHT may not be from this planet. As described on the band's website, 'YACHT is a Band, Belief System, and …

By Courtney Nichols

In Memoriam: Beige, But Never Boring

Seventeen years is a long time. But in the breakneck world of "over-before-it-opened" New York City …

By Max Berlinger

Chatter: Linda Perry On Coming Out

"Not letting people be who they are is not just a gay problem -- it's a human problem. It's happening …

By Noah Michelson

Quickies: Tuesday, May 10 2011

By Noah Michelson

Catching Up With Nicki Minaj

Last October, Out was one of the first magazines to try and contain the ferociousness of Nicki Minaj within its pages. …

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Adele Has The Hots For Rihanna

"If Rihanna wanted me, I'd do it with her. She's hot." …

By Noah Michelson

Quickies: Monday, May 9 2011

> Contrary to rumors currently circulating, Lindsay Lohan denies that she is becoming a Scientologist. …

By Noah Michelson

First Listen: Johan Agebjörn's "Casablanca Nights"

Johan Agebjörn is perhaps best known for being one half of the Italo disco duo Sally Shapiro, but the Swedish …

By Noah Michelson

First Look: Lady Gaga's "Judas"

By Noah Michelson

Hummer: Frankmusik "Do It In The AM"

By Noah Michelson

Quickies: Thursday, May 5 2011

> Neil Patrick Harris to host the 2011 Tonys? …

By Noah Michelson

The Clap: Jerusalem & Sister Act

The last few weeks have been a bum rush of theater openings, each show eager to debut prior to the deadline for Tony …

By Scott Hocker

Catching Up With Elizabeth Berkley

An hour before Elizabeth Berkley showed up at Out a few weeks ago, most of the editors were in full-on freak out mode. I …

By Noah Michelson