WATCH: Billy Eichner and Joel McHale Duke It Out

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know This Weekend

Chris Brochu Is The Vampire Diaries' First Gay Character

He will play Luke, the mysterious college student

By Stacy Lambe

WATCH: Katy Perry Is a Phoenix in "Dark Horse" Music Video

She walks (and dances) like an Egyptian

By Stacy Lambe

RIP Ab Fab’s Justin, and 1 Girl 5 Gays’ Santos

This week we learned of the passing of Absolutely Fabulous's Justin, and gay reality panelist Santos from MTV Canada …

By Matthew Breen

Oscar Winners Name-drop Meryl Streep More Than God

Perhaps the words "Meryl" and "God" should just be considered synonyms

By Connor Durkin

First Look: Christopher J. Hanke Takes Over for Michael Urie

The smash one-man Off-Broadway show Buyer & Cellar gets a new star

By Jerry Portwood

WATCH: Chris Pratt Explains the Art of the Selfie

Never appear "too self-aware"

By Stacy Lambe

David Bowie, One Direction Win Big: A Complete Wrap-Up of the 2014 BRIT Awards

Plus Bowie, Beyoncé and Bruno, oh my

By Alex Panisch

Sex And The City 3 Might Be Happening

…And 5 Other Things You Should Know Today

By Alex Panisch

WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres and Rebel Wilson Rap About Cats

Time to do some 'Watching Cats on the Internet'

By Andrew Villagomez

Own Lady Gaga’s Outfits

Her Space-themed Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot getup is on the auction block

By Andrew Villagomez

Pussy Riot Members Beaten in Sochi Public Square

Watch the video of the brutal beating by Cossacks

By Editors

Chris Pratt In Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

We knew the actor was training to be sexy, but this is still a surprise!

By Andrew Villagomez

Tumblr of the Day: Hotties on Jeopardy!

Don't lie, you only watch for the hot guys

By Stacy Lambe

Patrick Stewart Isn't Gay, He's Just Awesome

Patrick Stewart proves once again that he is the coolest straight man ever

By Matthew Breen

WATCH: Iran's Queen of Pop's New Queer Music Video

The new music video from Googoosh displays a dangerous solidarity with Iran's gays and lesbians

By Matthew Breen

Soon-To-Be RuPaul Star Sends A Song To Russia

Drag Queen Courtney Act urges us to spread Sochi-love

By Jesse Steinbach