Anderson Cooper Joins the Marvel Universe?

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It’s Recently Come to Chloe’s Attention that She Relishes Independence

Chloe is revisited by imagery of her previous wars

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BAATHHAUS Puts Twist on Prom in New Video

The synthpop group plays with traditional gender roles of the high school ritual

By Dennis Hinzmann

Dina Martina, Queen of Pee Town

The Seattle drag perennial returns to Provincetown for her annual insanity

By Greg Garry

Megan Fox Admits Ellen DeGeneres is Sexy

The former sexiest woman alive names her own girl crush

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Art in the Pines: Harol Baez

The Madison’s art series continues with provocative photography in Fire Island Pines

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Throwback Thursday: François Sagat Celebrates His Independence

The porn star goes to war with his image and career

By Stacy Lambe

Betsy Ross Comes Out to a Psychic

'I am gay and I fly the flag of pride and liberty for all of us,' the patriotic figure tells a psychic

By Kate Walter

America Ferrera to Star in Terrence McNally Comedy

The Ugly Betty alum will play the sister of a gay man who recently died of AIDS in the Off-Broadway revival of Lips …

By Brandon Voss

Watch All 31 OITNB Guest Appearances on Law & Order

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Burger King’s ‘Proud Whopper Sandwich’ Made Its Debut for SF Pride

The San Francisco fast food restaurant at the heart of the SF Pride Parade route continues to serve a burger in a gay …

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WATCH THIS: Say Goodbye To Eric Bana’s Butt

The hunky actor retires his hindquarters, with video

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10 Things We Learned From Melissa McCarthy

The star of Tammy opens up about dressing in drag, playing butch and her biggest girl crush

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Turkey's First Transgender Beauty Contest

In this secular Muslim country, participation in a beauty contest remains an act of defiance and courage.

By Editors

Zac Efron is Enjoying the Company of an 'Italian Businessman' on Vacation

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The Thrill of the Chase

We may have to wait a while for a gay Bond, but several lauded — and best-selling — thrillers show how fast genre …

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The Thrillers of Scandinavia

A few of the books, TV shows, and movies that make us squirm—while inspiring us to discover where they take place …

By Jesse Steinbach