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Russia, Under the Microscope

Two new docs depict gay life in a divided country.

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Go Inside The Royals

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Frankie Grande on Big Brother and the Hetero-Homo 'Zankie' Showmance That Had Everyone Talking

'There's definitely an attraction. Both ways. For sure.'

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Other Voices, Many Rooms

Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons, adapted into a 5-hour play, is celebrating its centennial and was prescient about …

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TBT: Greg Berlanti Is the Man Behind the Curtain

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Killer Boys vs. Killer Toys

This Halloween, the multiplex will be littered with freaky playthings of both the studly and off-the-shelf varieties. We …

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Boys of Berlin

Filmmaker and photographer Matt Lambert captures the sexy (and unsettling side) of the German city of underground …

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Matt Alber Makes Out In 'Handsome Man'

The music video is for the song from his new album, Wind Sand Stars

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Willam, Courtney Act, and Alaska Serve Face for American Apparel

The queens star in a new video ad, which accompanies their own line of T-shirts.

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Sam Smith Celebrates His Success in ‘Restart’ Video

It’s one part music video, one part victory lap.

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