Wallflowers: A Web Series For Singles

"There are straight, gay, and bisexual characters...I wanted to explore what all these different types of people go ...

Terence Blanchard Is Seeking Support for His Opera About Gay Boxer Emile Griffith

The jazz great wants to make a professional recording of Champion

By Jerry Portwood

Catching Up With Juliet Mills

'People want to have a laugh and this show does that.'

By Jesse Steinbach

Looking GIF-cap: Going to the Chapel

That kiss!

By Stacy Lambe

Why Jared Leto's Oscars Speech Mattered

The actor won his Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for playing a fictional transgender woman battling AIDS and …

By Jerry Portwood

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Just Lip Sync!

For the first time ever, gay and lesbian soldiers perform in drag on a U.S. military installation

By Matthew Breen

The Drag Queen Who Rocked Ireland Soaks In the Aftermath

Plus: Ellen DeGeneres, Liza, and Bette Midler make it a gay ol' Oscars night

By Michael Musto

Lea Michele Releases Her First Solo Album

As Lea Michele prepares to release Louder, her first solo adventure into pop music, she ponders her lost love …

By Connor Durkin

Stranger by the Lake & Blue Is the Warmest Color Actors Take Cesars

Adele Exarchopoulos & Pierre Deladonchamps take home French honors for 'Most Promising Actors'

By Jerry Portwood

The Essential List Of 'Let It Go' Covers

Feel free to listen to these gems on a loop

By Alex Panisch

James Franco, Voyeur

The hyphenate goes hardcore in Interior. Leather Bar.

By Adam Feldman

Giorgio Armani Threw Shade At Anna Wintour

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know This Weekend

By Alex Panisch

Looking Sneak Peek: The Wedding!

Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey look adorable all suited up—but that's the easiest part of this pivotal episode …

By Out.com Editors

Jason Collins Meets Matthew Shepard's Family

Collins, who has worn a number 98 jersey in honor of Matthew Shepard, met the college student's family Thursday.

By Michelle Garcia

Steve Grand Funds First Album In Just 17 Hours On Kickstarter

The 'All-American Boy' gets the all-American dream.

By Jesse Steinbach

10 Qs: Betty Who On the Proposal That Made Her a Viral Sensation

In an exclusive interview, the singer opens up about true love, why Twitter's 'a pain in the ass' & what RuPaul …

By Stacy Lambe