Chris Tyler's Pop Culture Obsession With Blowjobs, Gaga & TRL Is Changing the Face of Drag

The Brooklyn performance artist's love of blowjobs, Gaga & TRL is changing the face of drag

WATCH: Conchita Wurst's Eurovision Ballad

"Rise Like A Phoenix" is the 007-esque ballad from Austria's contestant

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WATCH: Anderson Cooper and Seth Meyers Are Gay Gym Buddies

The two share locker room stories

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These Horny Cartoon GIFs Are the Naughty Humor You Need for the Week

Tina Belcher and others react the same way we do to hot guys

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Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX Performed “Fancy” OnLate Night with Seth Meyers

Callin' it: yellow plaid’s in for spring

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The Gayest Theater Season Ever?

No, for real. Broadway is pulling out all the stops this spring.

By Jerry Portwood

Mike Albo Took A Freebie, Deal With It

In his one-man show The Junket, the writer and performer takes on 21st-century media hypocrisy

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Beyoncé On the Air, Alzheimer On the Side

Kyle Abraham’s The Radio Show celebrates the communal space of the airwaves while working through the private anguish of …

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Prince & Zoey Deschanel’s ‘FALLINLOVE2NITE’ Is The Club Track You’ve Been Waiting For

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

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The Ultimate Kylie Minogue Video Timeline

Whether you still have a special place in your heart from '80s "The Loco-Motion" or loved her in Leos Carax's strange …

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Watch Duo Perform Epic Cover of Beyonce's Fifth Album

1 album in under 6 minutes

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Casting Net: How I Met Your Dad Adds Second Gay Character

Meet Andrew Santino aka Sally's older brother

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American Horror Story Season 4 Going to the Carnival

Haunted houses, asylums, witches and circuses...

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Go Behind The Scenes With From Here on Out

A new sitcom from Here TV, From Here on OUT, is already a behind-the-scenes look. It's a fictionalized version of the …

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LISTEN: Sia's "Chandelier"

Party girls (who overindulge then feel the shame), this is your new jam.

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Gaga’s “Brooklyn Nights” Sounds Like A Deep Cut From The Fame

The track was nearly on 'ARTPOP'

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