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EXCLUSIVE: k.d. lang Discusses Broadway Debut in After Midnight

EXCLUSIVE: k.d. lang Discusses Broadway Debut in After Midnight

Ready for k.d. lang's Broadway debut? She's set to take the stage in February, and we have an exclusive clip of her discussing her decision to join After Midnight, the new musical revue that opened this past October on Broadway with American Idol alum and Grammy Award-winning FantasiaFantasia in a bawdy diva role. 

The explosive show focuses on Duke Ellington's music from the Cotton Club and features 17 musicians hand-picked by jazz legend Wynton Marsalis and an array of 25 modern vocalists and dancers, including TV and Broadway vet Dulé Hill (Psych, West Wing) reciting Langston Hughes as the show's narrator and connective thread.

In this clip, k.d. lang explains how she never thought she'd be a part of Broadway and why joining the cast in this "Special Guest Star" role in February has allowed for an Ellington education in his music library, as she states, this music "is like an opportunity at one fo the greatest schools."

Watch it below:

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August 28 2015 5:22 PM