The Bewitched Continuum: the classic sitcom gets sorted out as it turns 50

With its 50th anniversary, the classic '60s sitcom is analyzed in an omnibus about the modern-day witch and her family

Tina Fey's Liz Lemon is Getting Married!

High-fiving a million angels

By Andrew Villagomez

Need to Know: Lesbian Comedienne Quinn Marcus

The breakout personality of mtvU’s 'Quinnterviews' talks comedy, awkward moments, and life as a gay entertainer. …

By Benjamin Lindsay

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Recap: Episode 5

Sister Jessica Lange may be down, but don’t count her out in her fight against the Nazi Dr. Cromwell. Also, Bloody Face …

By Mark Peikert

Gangnam Style Gets Gay

Rendition of the viral dance and song by Madonna with PSY, and an upcoming performance by Glee

By Andrew Villagomez

What Makes 'Hunting Season' Special?

Jon Marcus discusses the graphic nature of his web series. And Ben Baur's unique charms

By Jerry Portwood

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Premiere at XL

The crowd went wild for Latrice, Pandora, Manila, and the rest of the girls for the show's New York City premiere. …

By Editors

'American Horror Story: Aslyum' Recap: Exorcism, Prostitutes, and The Singing Nun

Joseph Fiennes and Zachary Quinto get to dispel some demons (and more sexy scenes from Jessica Lange)

By Mark Peikert

Bravo’s new 'LOLwork' Looks Into the Oddball ICanHas Cheezburger Office

We chat with Will Sharick about cats, memes, and lesbian weddings

By Benjamin Lindsay

RECAP: 'American Horror Story Asylum' Premiere

Less nudity, more accents

By Mark Peikert

Adam Pally

Bro-ing out with the actor behind TV's funniest gay character.

By Adam Rathe

Andrew Rannell's Ex? Matt Bomer!

'The New Normal' star will get a visit from his 'sexy ex-boyfriend' played by Matt Bomer.

By Jeremy Kinser

'Guiding Light' Actress Maureen Garrett Comes Out Publicly

After virtually disappearing from the public eye after playing the role of Holly Lindsey for 35 years, the actress is …

By Stella Cadente

Dan Savage hosts MTV's second 'It Gets Better' Special

The new 60-minute special premieres October 9, two days before National Coming Out Day

By Jerry Portwood

EXCLUSIVE: Watch 'The Vessel'

The British webseries follows a gay male couple and their 'tummy mummy' through pregnancy

By Editors

Rupaul's Official Statement on the Death of Sahara Davenport

We reported the tragic news of the death of Sahara Davenport earlier today—the contestant from Season 2 of …

By Editors

There's a Little Poodle In Everyone

Honey Boo Boo's shockingly profound wisdom—America may yet learn from her exploits.

By Joseph Alexiou