What Should the First Active NFL Player to Come Out Be Like?

The season finale of 'Necessary Roughness' depicts how it could happen today

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Mike White, Stop Making Us Cry!

The TV dramedy that’s made New Age-y ethereal nonsense cool.

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Zosia Mamet's Next Move

The 'Girls' star makes her Off-Broadway debut in 'Really Really'

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Is America Ready for the First Active, Gay NFL Player?

NFL's Brendon Ayanbadejo says we are moving towards there, fellow gays hope for the best, and a TV series to depict what …

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First Look: Zachary Quinto on 'Billy on the Street'

The latest episode of 'Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street' features the 'American Horror Story' actor

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'Portlandia' Weighs In On Same-Sex Marriage

The comedy series features a 'gay' wedding

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The Parent Trap: Mitchell Cook & Paul Neenos

As these newlyweds (and unassuming stars of here!'s 'Pride and Groom') quickly realized, you can't hide from family. …

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WATCH: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 Premiere

RuPaul's new girls got us geared up after a sickening Premiere Party at XL Nightclub

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Gleecap: 'Sadie Hawkins'

Empowerment, crushes revealed, Kurt's first new date after Blaine, and Rachel moves fast in Glee's return

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American Horror Story: Asylum Recap Episode 13: Madness Ends

The melancholy triumphs of Miss Lana Banana, Kit, and Sister Jessica Lange

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American Horror Story: Asylum Recap Episode 12: Continuum

The plot lurches toward the present day, leaving behind more bodies and a fame-hungry Lana

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Colin Ferguson On Playing Gay Again

Guest-starring on 'Happily Divorced,' Colin discusses his post-'Eureka' crew and gay-themed roles in the '90s versus …

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Catching Up With Mike White

In the auteur’s uncomfortable and poignant HBO comedy, 'Enlightened,' everything—and nothing—is illuminated. …

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Kurt & Blaine's Upcoming Hot Hook Up

Ryan Murphy tweets what lies ahead for the previously broken up couple

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American Horror Story: Asylum Recap Episode 11: Spilt Milk

Babies are born, people die, and Lana is finally pretty again!

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Anderson Cooper Sets Record Straight on 'PlayGirl'

"We had the photo shoot yesterday. I felt really free and comfortable in front of the photographer," said Anderson ... …

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