Sex, Drugs, and Clones


By Alexandria Symonds

With his breakout role on the sci-fi thriller Orphan Black, Jordan Gavaris is more than another gay punchline.

Still, as the droll, urbane Felix, Gavaris gets the pleasure of delivering some of Orphan Black’s most priceless lines. (For example: “Divorces do really strange things to normals, Sarah. They lose their fake happiness, they forget the way to the mall, and then they come downtown to find themselves.”)

But don’t confuse the character for just another sassy, neutered BFF — or Gavaris for the kind of actor who’d be satisfied playing one. The show reminds viewers that Felix has his own inner life, a consistent commitment that stems directly from Gavaris’s conversations with series cocreator John Fawcett about LGBT representation in media. “There is a danger, with a character like this, of going into trite territory,” Gavaris says. “I especially did not want him to ever become desexualized, in any way.”

Gavaris promises that season 2 offers even more development for Felix’s personal identity. “We all agreed, collectively, that we would explore Felix as an entity outside Clone Club: what his private life looks like, who it’s with, what his friends look like, what they mean to him, his modus operandi outside of being the person Sarah calls in the middle of the night.”

And what’s next for Gavaris himself? “I’d really like to do something with a big scope, with lots of explosions,” he says, though he’s not averse to roles in smaller films like his 2008 indie 45 R.P.M., which he credits with making him fall in love with the craft — rather than the attention — in the first place. “I walked away from the film and genuinely wanted to be an actor. I didn’t want to be a celebrity. I didn’t want to be in magazines,” he says, before his trademark self-awareness kicks in: “As I’m talking to a person who is putting me in a magazine.”

Season 2 of Orphan Black premieres April 19 on BBC America. Watch the trailer below:


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