WATCH: Andy Cohen Calls Out 'The Real Housewives'' Joe Giudice For That Homophobe Stuff


By Joseph Alexiou

In which a butch man from New Jersey gets all squirmy

As Andy Cohen aptly asserts, as much as America hangs on to "every word" of the Real Housewives of New Jersey it's not just Teresa Giudice who steals the limelight. "It's time to listen to the juice gems of Joe Giudice," alliterates Cohen, referring to the onslaught of "tits" and "I gotta take a dump" references from the charmingly open-shirted, Jersey-accented Joe.

In the most diplomatic way possible, Cohen also berrates Giudice for his gay-negative commentary on the show. The Jersey-ite looks a bit uncomfortable during this, but comes around and apologizes, insisting he has nothing against the gays.

"I'm mean, they're around me all the time!" says Giudice, "How can I be a homophobe?"

Check out the clip below:



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