Catching Up With 1 Girl 5 Gays


By Shane Michael Singh

Has that made it easier landing dates?
Matt: First of all, don't hook up with your fans. Bad idea.

From personal experience?
Matt: Yeah. It's not a good idea to be dating them, either. [Laughs]
Dean: You're talking about how gay you are and I don't think that adds to my mystique. I had a guy pretend not to know about the show and the next morning we were in bed and he started reading my bio on the MTV website! Do you want to talk about your job in bed? Most annoying experience from being on the show.
Juan: It's been weird -- some people come up to me because I'm on TV and you don't really know what the intentions are and if they like you. It's a little awkward.
JP: There's the illusion that because you're somewhat famous you're going to be getting more dates or sex, but nope, not the easiest for me. I haven't had any help from being a part of this group in any respect.

With the huge success of Glee, the show is breaking into the US at a pivotal point for the LGBT community. How is the show feeding off that excitement?
Dean: I look at Chris Colfer's character and I can't believe that a mainstream television network has this story about this gay kid -- like a very gay kid. They're not trying to butch him up. I can't believe that's in primetime right now. And there's value in all of that, but I just don't think we're doing what they're doing.
Matt: Glee is a commercial representation of gay culture. I think 1G5G gives more of a realistic approach to it and isn't fluffed up and beautiful. We have to tell the real story. The bully bullying the gay kid, it's kind of typical.
Dean: It's a fairy tale.
David: I just watched the prom episode where Kurt and Blaine dance, and I'm so proud of what that show is doing. We know that what Glee and Gaga are doing is groundbreaking but we also know what that we're doing is groundbreaking or pushing boundaries -- that's what our goal is.
JP: Banding together and coming together for our cause.

This summer we'll see the final batch of new episodes. What's next?
David: For me? I'm going to try to bring back overalls this summer.

Is that the official IG5G summer fashion tip?
Juan: I'm really into bandanas. Right now I'm feeling like cholo chic with bandanas and jewelry.
David: We're always trying to outdo each other.

And in terms of the show?
Dean: I think that in an ideal world there would be episodes with lesbians, but there are only so many hours in the day. We keep making a show, so that's a sign of good things, that it's successful.
Matt: It's clearly getting the message across. Since 1G5G I'm being applauded for my sexuality -- that says something completely different.
Dean: When you're forced to defend your sexuality, you realize that you're actually really happy about it. It empowers you.
Matt: It would be awesome to hear from someone even older than all the cast members. Maybe someone in their 40s who has done this all, and is maybe married, and what's their job like. I want to hear what happens next, after us.

New episodes of 1 Girl 5 Gays air Mondays-Thursdays this summer on Logo. For more info, visit the show's official website. Four new episodes of 1 Girl 5 Gays air July 29 during the '1 Girl 5 Gays All-Nighter.'

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