Kevin Alejandro: Vampire Diaries


By Michael Martin

This isn't the first same-sex adventure for Alejandro, who played a bisexual hustler on the second season of HBO's Big Love. His character had a pivotal role in the coming out of the deeply closeted Mormon leader Alby, whom he picked up in a grocery store and followed to a hotel room. 'I went up to try to seduce him while he was making a sandwich,' recalls Alejandro. 'He's about to put the sandwich in his mouth, and I lean over, take a bite of it, and say, 'Dude, are we going to fuck or what?' Then he started banging his head on the wall and screaming. I got a lot of good feedback on that scene.'

That particular turn may have led to Alejandro's other day job, playing the steadfast cop and family man Nate Moretta on TNT's Southland, which was recently renewed for another season. (It's a persona closer to his own: Raised in Snyder, Texas, the small town that also produced actors Powers Boothe and Barry Tubb, Alejandro is married with a daughter.) The portrayal earned him a spot on's roundup of the sexiest crime fighters of 2009. 'It adds a little bit of pressure,' sighs Alejandro. 'Now I always have to work out, so I don't make the ugliest crime fighters list.' Appearing on a show as flesh-filled as True Blood has come with its own stressors. 'Ryan [Kwanten, infrequently clothed town himbo Jason Stackhouse] is built like the perfect dude,' says Alejandro. 'You get next to someone like that, and you think, Crap, I really have a lot of work to do. I'm like, 'Please, whatever you do, don't put me in a scene with my shirt off next to this dude.''

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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