Need to Know: Elle Schneider


By Phillip B. Crook

We first learned about Elle Schneider when the news broke that model Luke Worrall had been two-timing her and Kelly Osbourne. Cue the media circus. But in all that craziness, we never heard the full story from Schneider's point of view. Who is Elle Schneider? Out chatted with the 21-year-old college student to find out how her relationship with Worrall began, how she became friends with Osbourne, and how she's harnessing the international attention.

Out: First, I have to ask you about the leaked nude photos of Luke. Some people debated whether or not it's actually him.
Elle Schneider: Oh, it's him. I would know. Kelly and I actually had a huge laugh when that came out. It was almost like a slap in the face to him -- to learn his lesson.

Karma is a bitch. How did you and Kelly Osbourne become friends?
When we realized that Luke had been two-timing us, we began bonding. I would help her out whenever she'd call me and cry or need someone to speak to, because I was the only person that she could relate to. After I ended everything with Luke, she was there for me and helped me get through it.

So, going back to the beginning, you met Luke in a New York City nightclub in 2009. What was that first conversation like?
It was a short meeting. I was with my friends and he approached me and told me he was a model. He immediately told me he found me attractive and asked me where I was staying. We exchanged numbers and after I left I got a text message from him and we met up later that night.

You've said before that you told him upfront that you were transgendered and he was excited about that.
What made me come forward about that was until the last day we spoke he was telling me he was in love with me and he couldn't wait to see me at Fashion Week in New York. And then Kelly called me and told me he'd been having sex with some girl and taking her to parties for the last few days. I was like, OK, he needs to learn a lesson. He doesn't have a right to do this.

How did the conversation go when you told him you are trans?
I was already passable. You wouldn't know right away that I'm transgendered. I'm 5'3 and less than 100 pounds. I'm very feminine, but I felt like he knew. When he approached me at the club, the crowd I was with was all transgendered people or drag queens. It was obvious that I belonged to the crowd. Later that night when we met up, I told him, 'I'm transgendered,' and he said he knew and didn't have a problem with it.

What was your first time with him like?
I wasn't nervous because he was so aggressive about it. He didn't give me a minute to think. He kind of jumped on me. He's a very aggressive lover and he immediately started kissing me. He was very into me and I had nothing to worry about.

Once you got to know him, did you consider yourself his girlfriend?
No. I wasn't attached to him at first. I felt like, this guy is a model and I'm sure he's promiscuous. But when we spoke again for the second time around November 2010, we spent basically a month talking on the phone every day. There wasn't a moment I didn't know what he was doing because he was texting me, calling me, writing to me -- so it gave me reason to believe he was serious. From there on out I became attached to him. He asked me to be exclusive with him and I said, 'As long as you're not dating other girls, I'm OK with that.'

Momentarily ignoring that fact that he's a cheater, what's Luke like on his good days?
He proved to be a piece of crap at the end, but he's charming. He'll tell you he doesn't enjoy the modeling industry and he's not attracted to female models because they're stuck-up. His game is to make girls feel pity for him. He'll speak about his father dying and his brother dying and how poor his family is in London. You just want to nurture him and make him feel better. You want to make him smile.

And throughout your time with him, you never knew he was with Kelly?
No. I found out he was with Kelly when she e-mailed me on Christmas, and then she called me later that day.

You didn't know, even though their relationship was public? You didn't Google him?
I found out he was engaged to Kelly six months after we met in New York City. When I spoke to him again I knew they had broken up because it was all over the press and he told me they weren't together. He even once called her in front of me, but I thought they were just cordial. I didn't know they had anything going on.