Catching Up With Louis van Amstel


By Phillip B. Crook

What was your reaction?
I can understand why a lot of people find it weird because you're so used to seeing a man dance with a woman. But just because you're not used to it doesn't mean it couldn't be groundbreaking and emotional to watch. Beautiful things can happen when people of the same sex dance together.

When I think SYTYCD, I think 'Mary Murphy.'
Yes, and that's the one reason I think FOX made a huge mistake by not keeping her on the show. I know the real reason but I can't go there. It was sad, but Mary is one of my closest friends. I love that bitch.

Have you ever ridden on her 'Hot Tamale Train?'
Oh yes, we've been on many 'trains' together since 1991.

I'm going to say the names of some of your past DWTS partners and you give me one word to describe them: Priscilla Presley.

One word? There's a few. Very sincere. Quiet. I know, people will be shocked. Actually, quiet and serious. Very serious.

Kelly Osbourne.
I have so many words for her. Brilliant.

And beautiful. She's very beautiful.
That's why I say brilliant. She went into the competition with the least fans, and she won so many people over by just being Kelly Osbourne, the real one. The girl's just magic. I think she's going to be an advocate for every minority group, for every person that ever didn't feel self-beauty. Kelly showed everyone it's possible.

Lastly: Lisa Rinna.

Not lips?
To me that's something she did out of her own insecurity, and I'm very proud of her for doing something about it. I think recently, whatever was in her lips, she has taken it out. That really deserves a lot of admiration to say, 'Yeah, I fucked up, but here I am.' Were they out of proportion? Yeah, maybe they were, but Lisa Rinna is so much more than those lips. We've gone on vacations together. We're close.

Sounds like you keep up with all your past partners.
I'm actually seeing Priscilla in an hour. Kelly I saw last week. Margaret, we're going for dinner next week. I'm going skiing with Trista in February. Lisa, my class is next door to her store. I'm close with all my partners. You go on a journey together.

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