Catching Up With Louis van Amstel


By Phillip B. Crook

America voted. At least, the Americans glued to a show about twirling celebrities did, thus eliminating Margaret Cho, along with her partner Louis van Amstel, from this season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Were voters uncomfortable with the couple's supposed loud-and-proud gay message? Out recently chatted with van Amstel, the Netherlands native and professional ballroom dancer who's been on the show for seven seasons, to get his reaction. And to talk about Johnny Weir versus Evan Lysacek. And sex.

Out:Do you think it's true what they say about a man's dancing skills reflecting his skills in the bedroom?
Louis van Amstel: Oh my god, we're going there?

Yeah, we're hitting the ground running.
Actually, I'd say so, yes. I think if somebody is very musical in his movement, he's already a warm-hearted person. I'd like to say that really helps in the bedroom. Let's not forget the flexibility.

Do you think, as with dancing, practice makes perfect?
I think that counts for everything. I'm a ballroom dancer, which is always done with a partner, so I'd like to say so. Practice makes perfect.

So why has Latin dancing in particular been the focus of your career?
It has been since I was 10 years old and I was not occupied with sex or sexuality at that point. I think that Latin music just makes you want to dance. It has such a wide range of motions and emotions. I got hooked.

As you grew older, do you think you connected more to the passionate sexuality in Latin dancing?
The arousal -- I think that's something that we all want. It's like if someone hugs you and then just hugs you with passion. With Latin dance, you don't need to be drunk, you don't need to be stoned or take some pills to take you to that moment, that place where it is so special. That can turn into passion and that can turn into sex and everything in between.

Being from the Netherlands, do you think you've earned your street cred as an honorary Latin lover?
I'd say so. I've invested a lot of time into studying the history and the background of where our dances come from. If I'm going to learn samba, I want to go to Rio. I've been there twice. For me, that gives you the true depth. I studied the flamenco and bull fighting in Spain to give me more understanding about the paso doble. And you know what? You have great vacations.

You brought your boyfriend with you when you went on Chelsea Lately with Kelly Osbourne during season 9'
There so wasn't an agenda there.

I was wondering, are you still together?
No, we're not, and not because of that broadcast.

Are you dating someone currently?
No, I'm not. I'm so busy, there's hardly any time. I'm as single as can be.

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