Catching Up With The Real Housewives of New Jersey


By Joseph Hassan

Caroline, I was asking your daughter what she thought about marriage equality and she had nice things to say about your perspective and what you taught her growing up. A question for you and Teresa: What do you think about the state of gay marriage in America today?
Caroline: I think the state of gay marriage in the U.S. right now needs to have a little bit of a wake up call. We're all human beings and we have a right to live and love how we choose. I do have a gay brother. He's younger than me, so I watched him grow up and I watched his heart hurt and I knew what he went through. To me, to do this, to support the cause is wonderful. And, again, watching my brother grow up and understanding it' watching the show really makes you get it. So my heart was always open to it, but this [experience] has really opened my eyes to it. It's a message that needs to be told, but more importantly needs to be heard.
Teresa: [The show] makes you laugh, it makes you cry. It's really touching.

Dina, how did you get involved in producing the show?
Dina: Through my dear friend Anthony Wilkinson, who also wrote the play. He did a one-night-only in Staten Island and I went to see it and support him and I said, "Anthony you need to do more with this." You know, with gay marriage being in the forefront right now and the message is there in a great way because it's not shoving it down anyone's throat. Anyone can come see it, whether they support gay marriage or not, and at the end of this play they'll walk out of here maybe with their eyes open and say,"You know what, everyone really does deserve to get married and everyone deserves to have this special bond between two people in love." So that's what we're trying to do here.

Jacqueline, I've gotten everyone else's thoughts, what about you -- your thoughts on marriage equality and what it means to you?
Jacqueline: We have family members who are gay so we believe strongly -- I never understood what the big deal was with that. I think if two people want to be together and they love each other, they should be together and they should be able to get married.

The five New Jersey housewives will showcase their acting chops to benefit Marriage Equality New York during four sold-out performances at Manhattan's St. Luke's Theater from September 1 through 4. For more info, visit the show's official website.

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