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The deal is worth $2.65 million

June 13 2014 3:30 PM

The basketball player expands his role off the court

June 02 2014 2:00 PM

The former rugby player trained with players at the Bash About tournament in Berlin

May 28 2014 1:15 PM

Got a kid? Not sure to talk to him or her about the first openly gay NFL player?

May 13 2014 5:01 PM

He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams with the 249th pick in the NFL draft

May 10 2014 7:56 PM

Watch the Olympic swimmer train for the 2014 Gay Games

April 29 2014 2:55 PM

After a lonely year at UMass-Amherst, guard Derrick Gordon decided it was time to come out to his teammates.

April 09 2014 12:58 PM

The Olympic diver is no longer bisexual

April 03 2014 10:50 AM

You really don't need to be a sports fan to get into this video of half-naked rugby players in the rain.

April 01 2014 11:29 AM

Jason Collins, the only out pro basketball player, will remain with the Brooklyn Nets for the rest of this season.

March 12 2014 11:53 AM