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Dutch female director Mischa Kamp has created a film about young love that will make you swoon.

February 11 2015 3:33 PM

Ware knocks it out of the park again.

February 11 2015 1:00 PM

The Orange Is the New Black breakout star is heading to court

February 11 2015 12:49 PM

Rosie will bear all in her HBO special Rosie O’Donnell: A Heartfelt Stand Up

February 11 2015 12:47 PM

Time to get super turnt up, Disney Kids.

February 11 2015 11:00 AM

...and five other things you should know today.

February 10 2015 6:20 PM

Chocolate is involved, obviously. 

February 10 2015 2:43 PM