Joe Manganiello Teases Us With Mexico Vacation

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Is The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Gay?

The series creator teases the possibility

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Comedian Mike Birbiglia Joining OITNB

The comedian's next tour stop: Litchfield

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Sam Smith Is Working on Second LP

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WATCH: Chapman’s Coming After Your Man in ‘Switch Hitta’

Goin’ out to all you dudes chasing ‘straight’ guys

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Andrew Rannells Talks Hedwig with Fallon

The actor also tries out his Australian accent

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Ariana Grande Pens Song About Ex's Gay Affair

Grande is “99.9 percent positive” her ex cheated on her with another man

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Tyler Glenn Launches Kickstarter for Doc about LGBT Mormons

The lead singer of Neon Trees shares his story about being both gay and Mormon

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TBT: Johnny Knoxville Has an Affinity for Bears

Things can never be too gay for the Jackass star

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Fusion Network Celebrates Bear Week

The network is exploring the subset of men that has redefined body image within gay culture

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Alfred Molina & John Lithgow Walk Into a Bar...

Check out a sneak peek from director Ira Sachs's movie about the married couple

By Editors

Celine Dion Puts Career On Indefinite Hiatus

The diva wants to focus on her children and ailing husband.

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Sticks and Bones Won't Hurt Richard Chamberlain

The gay actor returns to the stage this fall alongside Holly Hunter and Bill Pullman in an Off-Broadway revival of David …

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Gay Doctor Who Fans Share Adorable Engagement Photos

T.J. Mundell & Timmy Patterson sent a surge of sweetness and light into the universe with their Doctor Who–inspired …

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How the OITNB Cast Came Together

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Iggy Azalea Channels Kill Bill for "Black Widow"

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Ariana Grande Debuts New Video for “Break Free”

Get ready for cheesy sci-fi effects that are so bad, they’re good

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