Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andre Braugher on Playing the 'Straight' Man to Andy Samberg

As gay Capt. Ray Holt, he pays the 'straight' man to Andy Samberg & Co.

Johnny Wright Wants To Make You A Star

If you're a wannabe pop star and you haven't already made it big via American Idol, X Factor, America's Got …

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Catching Up With Casey Spooner

 Photo: Job Piston …

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Alan Cumming socks it to Everett, Chamberlain

In a brillaint interview for The Guardian, Alan Cumming demolishes Richard Chamberlain's advice to "a gay …

By Aaron Hicklin

Hungry For Something Gay? Doritos Wants To Help

Two new gay-themed Doritos commercials which first hit the web back in November, now may or may not be headed for a …

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Cleaning Out Tom Hardy's Closet

Celebrities -- they're just like us. Or so we're always told. And just like us -- once upon a time, some of …

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Catching Up With Kate Nash

Photo: Mike Dubin/ …

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Quickies: Monday, January 24 2011

Photo: Getty Images …

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First Look: Scream 4

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Catching Up With Deerhoof

Photo: Sarah Cass …

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First Look: Pink's "F**kin' Perfect"

We've always loved Pink for dedicating herself to living the life of a bad ass and never once apologizing for not …

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Quickies: Friday, January 21 2011


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Joan Rivers To Fox and Friends: "Go F**K Yourselves"

Joan Rivers's appearance on Fox and Friends was allegedly canceled after the comedian told TMZ that critics were …

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