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An ending for Sal was on Weiner's wish list for the final season.

May 29 2015 6:15 PM

“I have two boys and I cannot bring different men every day into my house.”

May 29 2015 4:25 PM

The rapper sends an important message in her new music video.

May 29 2015 3:58 PM

The mega-hit show returns to FOX on September 23rd at 9pm ET

May 29 2015 3:25 PM

The original American Idol proves she’s still the show’s gold standard.

May 29 2015 2:26 PM

Note to self: I do need to see that. 

May 29 2015 1:30 PM

In the latest episode of Cucumber, the cast goes on an epic Grindr manhunt to find Dino's character, Aiden... Can we help?

May 29 2015 1:05 PM