Avengers 2 Trailer Coming In Next Weeks Agents of Shield

...And five other things you should know today.

Catching Up With Korallreven

It’s always summer in Sweden if you’re Korallreven, the electro-pop duo of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder.

By Jason Lamphier

Ron Paul: Heterosexual Couplings More Likely To Disrupt Military Life

 Iowa State Daily reporter Barry Snell had the chance to spend half an hour in a cab with presidential hopeful and …


Jake Shears Is a Horror Fan

After brainstorming our ‘10 Gayest Horror Movies’ slideshow last weekend, I wandered into John Cameron …

By Raef Harrison

Hirsute Pursuits

I ACTUALLY DON’T CARE.  “Looking like you make no effort getting out of the house is still smoking …

By Raef Harrison

Let's Get Artichoked

Actor, writer, and producer Dan Bucatinsky (who wrote a great essay about being a gay dad for us) celebrated 19 years of …

By Raef Harrison

Quickies: Thursday 10/27

Anderson Cooper can take a punch in Egypt, but can't handle a few bugs, as evidenced on his talk show …

By Raef Harrison

Chaz Bono Danced His Last Dance Last Night

Chaz Bono, the controversial contestant on Dancing With the Stars, has been asked to hang up his dancing shoes. Having …

By Raef Harrison

Quickies: Wednesday 10/26

 Zachary Quinto will make his debut tonight as an out actor tonight, playing a gay ghost on American Horror Story. …

By Raef Harrison

Cootie Shots: No Longer Just For Girls

Now girls and boys will have the benefit of getting their cootie shots early. In light of a Center for Disease …

By Jon Roth

Exclusive: Sneak Peak of 'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys' Season 2

There’s always been a special relationship between gay men and straight women. Sometimes it’s just a little …

By Raef Harrison

Two Million Kids Left Behind

The LGBT community has been fighting for the right to marry with increasing success over the past few years. While …

By Jon Roth

Gareth Thomas is Retiring from Rugby

Rugby star Gareth Thomas, who became the only openly gay male athlete in the world when he came out of the closet in …

By Raef Harrison

Is Everyone Getting Gay Married?

Everyone is getting gay married all of a sudden. But just because the option is now being made possible in widening …

By Raef Harrison

First Look: Eli Lieb

It’s really a non-issue to me. I live my life; I’m a really happy person. I make the music I make regardless …

By Raef Harrison

Quickies: Tuesday 10/25

Sandra Lee hosts a crazy, terrifying Halloween special. And not in a good way.Hawaii will allow civil unions starting in …

By Raef Harrison

Queer Horror Short Catches Clive Barker's Eye

Drafthouse Films is creating The ABCs of Death – a chapter-based horror film that presents 26 ways to die …

By Jon Roth