Watch Russell Tovey Explain How Rugby Works (With Gay Slang)

Watch Russell Tovey as Kevin on episode 3 of Looking explain (with gay slang)

Neil Patrick Harris Humped On "The Price Is Right"

As long as no one tells David Burtka, everything should be fine...

By Jon Roth

'Keep the Lights On' Teaser Trailer

Director Ira Sachs tells the story of a complicated relationship fueled by love, sex, and drugs

By Editors

They Came From Planet Lesbos

Madeleine Olnek's sci-fi/rom-com spoof "Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same" makes its New York City premiere …

By Jon Roth

Trend Alert: Everybody is Crushing on the New Media Gays

3 homosexual males + 2 profiles in major newspapers + 1 re-hashed trend alert = gay tastemakers

By Max Berlinger

New Scissor Sisters Video Released

Just try not to fall for 'Shady Love'

By Adam Rathe

Under the Radar 2012

Mark Russell on the Public Theater’s annual festival of groundbreaking new theater

By Jerry Portwood

Pic of the Day: When Worlds Collide

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at this meeting of the minds.

By Editors

Michele Bachmann No Longer Fielding Questions on Homosexuality

See her deflect like none other!

By Mike Berlin

Elton John Courts Justin Timberlake for Biopic

What goes around, comes around.

By Editors

Sandra Bernhard: Kathy Griffin Hides From Me

Why can't two such funny comedians get along?

By Editors

Tilda Swinton to Play Auntie Mame

The actress reveals a surprising new role on the horizon.

By Editors

Elton John Wants Justin Timberlake

Legend says former boy band star should play him in biopic

By Adam Rathe

Johnny Weir Married on New Year's Eve

Olympic skater marries Russian fiancé to round out 2011

By Editors

Gran Fury's NYC Retrospective

A look at the art that changed the world

By Editors

Looking Back At 2011 With Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos

The 'Original Plumbing' masterminds share their most memorable moments of 2011

By Editors