There's a New Gone Girl Trailer & It's Even Better Than the First

...five other things you need to know today

Simone Battle Has a Broken Gaydar

Eliminated 'X-Factor' contestant debuts video

By Raef Harrison

Melissa McCarthy is Divine

 Melissa McCarthy is the new 'Queen of Comedy', as proclaimed in the comedy issue of Entertainment Weekly. …

By Raef Harrison

Quickies: Friday 10/28

 Gay marriage is going late night. Conan O'Brien will be officiating the wedding of one of his staff while …

By Raef Harrison

Must See: Paul Goodman Changed My Life

Paul Goodman may not be a name that trips across many people's tongues today, but the cultural theorist and polymath …

By Max Berlinger

RECAP: American Horror Story Episode 4

Despite his promise to Ben to leave the Harmons alone, Tate creeps up to Violet and convinces her to meet him in her …

By Mark Peikert

Catching Up With Korallreven

It’s always summer in Sweden if you’re Korallreven, the electro-pop duo of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder.

By Jason Lamphier

Ron Paul: Heterosexual Couplings More Likely To Disrupt Military Life

 Iowa State Daily reporter Barry Snell had the chance to spend half an hour in a cab with presidential hopeful and …


Jake Shears Is a Horror Fan

After brainstorming our ‘10 Gayest Horror Movies’ slideshow last weekend, I wandered into John Cameron …

By Raef Harrison

Hirsute Pursuits

I ACTUALLY DON’T CARE.  “Looking like you make no effort getting out of the house is still smoking …

By Raef Harrison

Let's Get Artichoked

Actor, writer, and producer Dan Bucatinsky (who wrote a great essay about being a gay dad for us) celebrated 19 years of …

By Raef Harrison

Quickies: Thursday 10/27

Anderson Cooper can take a punch in Egypt, but can't handle a few bugs, as evidenced on his talk show …

By Raef Harrison

Chaz Bono Danced His Last Dance Last Night

Chaz Bono, the controversial contestant on Dancing With the Stars, has been asked to hang up his dancing shoes. Having …

By Raef Harrison

Quickies: Wednesday 10/26

 Zachary Quinto will make his debut tonight as an out actor tonight, playing a gay ghost on American Horror Story. …

By Raef Harrison

Cootie Shots: No Longer Just For Girls

Now girls and boys will have the benefit of getting their cootie shots early. In light of a Center for Disease …

By Jon Roth

Exclusive: Sneak Peak of 'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys' Season 2

There’s always been a special relationship between gay men and straight women. Sometimes it’s just a little …

By Raef Harrison

Two Million Kids Left Behind

The LGBT community has been fighting for the right to marry with increasing success over the past few years. While …

By Jon Roth