The 'All-American Boy' gets the all-American dream.

February 28 2014 4:19 PM

In an exclusive interview, the singer opens up about true love, why Twitter's 'a pain in the ass' & what RuPaul means to her

February 28 2014 9:02 AM

The openly gay soccer star takes his shirt off (again) for our enjoyment

February 28 2014 8:25 AM

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

February 27 2014 7:06 PM

After male characters kissed on British soap Coronation Street, the U.K. Office of Communications received a slew of homophobic complaints.

February 27 2014 4:50 PM

The movie adaptation of Larry Kramer's play—just in time for Memorial Day

February 27 2014 4:06 PM

“So this one, y'know, really, I'm against people riding dolphins. Get your lard ass off those things. Bullshit spirituality. However, how do you feel about them?”

February 27 2014 4:01 PM

Gay actor Drew Tarver will play a gay character on How I Met Your Dad, starring Greta Gerwig

February 27 2014 10:20 AM

We're excited that Jared Leto may win an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, here's a few speeches to consider before Sunday's Academy Awards.

February 27 2014 9:55 AM

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

February 26 2014 6:25 PM