Bill Hader to Host Saturday Night Live

...And five other things you need to know today.

RECAP: American Horror Story Episode 9

When Vivan's away, the ghosts will play

By Mark Peikert

Catching Up With 'Starlite' Director Kate Kunath

A legendary New York City gay bar gets its due

By Adam Rathe

Kris Humphries Is Gay? Only 'Star' Magazine Thinks So

Tab explains demise of marriage: Kris is a queer

By Adam Rathe

Sara Gilbert Admits She's Dating Linda Perry

Star of 'The Talk' wanted to break news 'on my terms'

By Adam Rathe

2012 Grammy Nominations : Adele, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Bon Iver All In The Running

Contenders for 54th annual awards revealed

By Adam Rathe

Glee: If Looks Could Kill

No more Adele mash-ups, folks. This episode was all about Sapphic songs and smoldering stares.

By Jon Roth

They Chose That? When Songs Don't Quite Go With Commercials

Using porn to sell cereal and other baffling advertising choices

By Adam Rathe

Catching Up With Bright Light Bright Light

The musician dishes to Out about his work and love life

By Brett Edward Stout

Public School Teacher Stars in Gay Porn, Shamed by Fox News

His stage name is "Hytch Cawke"

By Mike Berlin

Miss America's Gay Porn Backer

Ric Alonso (a.k.a. Jake Cruise) and his partner have supported the pageant for '14 years or so.'

By Mike Berlin

Kellan Lutz Gets A Mohawk, We Get Critical takes on the 'Twilight' star's new 'do

By Adam Rathe

'Young Adult' Teaser

Watch Charlize Theron drop the F-bomb.

By Mike Berlin

Michael Fassbender: Sex Addicts Will Go 'Wherever You Can Get Your Rocks Off'

'Shame' star talks about addiction and his buzzed-about gay sex scene

By Adam Rathe

Trailer Trash: 'The Lucky One'

The featurette for Nicholas Sparks' seventh (you heard right) film adaptation elicited some strong reactions from the …

By Jon Roth

Quote of the Day: Guy Ritchie

Madonna's ex opens his mouth about being married to the Material Girl

By Adam Rathe

Ricky Martin Could Guest Star on 'Glee'

Set your DVRs to swoon

By Raef Harrison