Ryan Murphy Working On New Horror Comedy Series, Scream Queens

...And five other things you should know today.

Oprah's No Lesbian Says Rosie O'Donnell, Leave Her And Gayle Alone

'I really don’t believe' Oprah is gay, says Oprah employee

By James Clementi

Brooklyn Borough Hall Hosts LGBT Wedding Expo

In the borough? Stop by this Sunday to see what your wedding could look like.

By Jon Roth

Naked Guys Need Your Help

Help fund Jessica Yatrofsky's 'A Naked Heart'

By Joshua Gardner

James Dean's Secret Gay Past Revealed

New film tackles 'Giant' star's taste for men

By Joshua Gardner

"Sh*t Homophobic People Say" Joins the Online Movement

Not as funny as previous incarnations of the trend, but an interesting watch nonetheless.

By Max Berlinger

Adele, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, More Snag Brit Awards Nominations

U.K. music awards release list of possible winners

By James Clementi

Pic of the Day: Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer Get Shirtless for 'Magic Mike'

The testosterone-fueled version of 'Showgirls' reveals some exclusive shots.

By Max Berlinger

Critics Choice Awards 2012: Winners, Losers and Good-Looking Actors

Whether they won or not, these guys looked great

By Out.com Editors

Madonna Takes Clothing Orders From Lourdes

'You’re not dressing like that,' teen scolds superstar mother

By Adam Rathe

James Franco Plays Gay In Hart Crane Biopic 'The Broken Tower'

Someone doesn't want all of those rumors to stop, now does he?

By Out.com Editors

Downton Abbey, Meet Beyoncé

Behold, a Tumblr dedicated to our two favorite divas, Ms. Knowles and Ms. Mary Crawley

By Max Berlinger

LCD Soundsystem Movie Gets Sundance Release

Watch trailer for 'Shut Up and Play The Hits'

By James Clementi

Our Favorite Gents of The People’s Choice Awards 2012

The cutest boys from last night's awards ceremony.

By Out.com Editors

People's Choice Awards 2012 Winners

Katy Perry takes home the most trophies, while Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGeneres and Emma Stone are honored

By Out.com Editors

Molly Thomas: This Beauty Could Be The Very First Gay Miss America

Getting to know the beautiful, out Miss California contestant

By Out.com Editors

Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Rant Returns

'30 Rock' takes on its stars' hateful tirade

By Alex Taylor Williams