Nobody Is Looking at Ronaldo's Face: the Bronze Statue is an Early Xmas Gift

The new bronze statue of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is an early Christmas gift for headline writers.

Harvard Students Petition for Posthumous Degrees for Expelled Gays

Activists congregate as Lady Gaga, with special guest Oprah, launches the Born This Way Foundation at the Ivy today …

By Mike Berlin

George Clooney: 'I’ll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay'

Silver fox speaks out about 'the final leg of the civil rights movement'

By Editors

Beyonce Teams Up With Ryan Murphy For ‘One Hit Wonders’

Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz also on board

By Editors

From One Reality to Another: Dakota Cochrane Calls His Gay Porn Past a 'Mistake'

'The Ultimate Fighter' castmember admits he did it but wants bigger and better things now

By Editors

Gay Marine Photo Goes Viral

Couple unaware they were being photographed

By Joshua Gardner

A Look Back at New York's Black Party

You'll flog yourself for missing the S&M party retrospective

By William Van Meter

Martina Navratilova Will Be 'Dancing With The Stars'

Tennis titan to trade prowess on the court for finesse on the 'DWTS' stage

By Joshua Gardner

Josh Hutcherson Promotes Gay-Straight Alliance

The 'Hunger Games' star speaks with Straight But Not Narrow's Avan Jogia

By Editors

Madonna: Joe Francis Who?

Material Girl didn't change a song lyric because of a man she has never heard of, OK?

By Editors

Perez Hilton Brings Lady Gaga Special To TV

'Perez Hilton Superfan' to come to the CW

By Editors

Alan Ball to Step Down as 'True Blood' Showrunner

Will the HBO soft-porn vampire soap remain as sexy and gay as ever?

By Editors

RECAP: RuPaul's Drag Race Episode 4

A tricky Snatch Game—and does Beyonce have bodily functions?

By Mark Peikert

Another 'Games of Thrones' Trailer

And five ominous quotes from it!

By Mike Berlin

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Goes to Bradley Manning

Gay U.S. soldier accused of leaking classified material to WikiLeaks has been nominated alongside 230 others for the …

By Evan Lambert

At the 'House Hunters' Bingo Party with Michael Ian Black

The comedian isn't ashamed of his lust for HGTV reality shows—and neither am I

By Jerry Portwood

Outed Arizona Sheriff Says He's Still Running for Congress

Paul Babeu, the gay Arizona sheriff, says if elected to Congress he'll support LGBT issues

By Editors