Jim Parsons Bringing Elf Back For Christmas

...And five other things you should know today.

George Platt Lynes at Steven Kasher Gallery

A slideshow of the photographer's most intriguing work

By Out.com Editors

Romney Glitterbombed, Calls It Confetti

The 2012 GOP candidate accepts his glittery fate

By Alex Taylor Williams

Gwyneth Paltrow: If Apple's A Lesbian, 'She's A Lipstick Lesbian'

It may be too soon to tell, but the Goopstress is prepared for anything

By Alex Taylor Williams

A Post About Daniel Radcliffe's Body Hair

Nothing else.

By Mike Berlin

Princely Exposure?

Disney princes grace the 'fake' covers of men’s magazines

By Out.com Editors

RECAP: Glee-Hee

It's all white socks, sequined gloves and military jackets this week as the Glee kids ask: WWMJD?

By Jon Roth

Megan Hilty Can't Stop Being Marilyn Monroe

Life imitates art (portraying art imitating life) for the 'Smash' star

By Alex Taylor Williams

Montclair State University Shaken By Anti-Gay Threats

The university located in northern New Jersey battles threatening homophobic graffiti

By Alex Taylor Williams

Ricky Martin Hits 'Glee'

Get hot for teacher with this video of Martin on next week's episode

By Out.com Editors

Adam Levine, Zachary Quinto, Sia Take To MTV For 'It Gets Better'

MTV and Logo plan star-studded show on teens and LGBT issues

By Out.com Editors

'Game Change' Trailer: Sarah Palin Is Pretty Much a Monster

HBO's new 2008 campaign movie looks like a legitimate horror film.

By Mike Berlin

Catching Up With The Black Soft

The New York-based band talks about art, fashion and Nicola Formichetti

By Joshua Gardner

Feist Unveils New Music Video

Hot rocker Feist shows off 'The Bad in Each Other' Video, sets tour for spring

By James Clementi

OUT Exclusive: Kevin Keller Issue #1

The gay 'Archie' character's first solo issue

By Mike Berlin

Adele is Back—On TV And At The Grammys

The British singer to appear on PBS's 'Live from the Artists Den' and Grammy Awards

By Joshua Gardner

Raven–Symoné to Take Over 'Sister Act' Role

The former child star will debut in Whoopi Goldberg-produced show in March

By Joshua Gardner