SELFIE-centric & the TRANS GAZE in issue #15 of Original Plumbing

Issue #15 of Original Plumbing features a self-portrait by Toronto artist Wynne Neilly

Slideshow: Kevin Amato's 'F*ck the Golden Years'

These selections from the photographer's new exhibit are boyishly provocative.

By Editors

Soundcheck: Oberhofer

The Brooklyn-based indie-rock group comes in for a studio session.

By Editors

Ellen DeGeneres Lobbies for 'Bully' Documentary Rating Change

She's signed a petition to change the rating and urges others to do the same

By Jerry Portwood

Ewan McGregor on Louis CK, Sexuality, and Love

The actor reacts to the comedians unfiltered attraction to him—despite them both being straight

By Jerry Portwood

Fran Drescher Officiates Wedding of Two Men

Last night the 'Happily Divorced' star proved she was pro-marriage

By Evan Lambert

Kirk Cameron's Weird, Hilarious Gay Fan Fiction Video

A 'Growing Pains' enthusiast edited a video romance between Mike Seaver and his best friend, Boner.

By Mike Berlin

WATCH: Britney Spears Morph From Baby to Now

Warning: This may be more frightening than you imagine.

By Jerry Portwood

Another Post Dedicated to Channing Tatum

May he always wear the tightest shirts possible—at all times.

By Alex Taylor Williams

Kirk Cameron Responds to LGBT Backlash

The actor claims to have support from gay friends.

By Alex Taylor Williams

James Franco as Robert Mapplethorpe

The actor channels the '80s artist for a photo shoot.

By Alex Taylor Williams

WATCH: David Visits Manhattan

A replica of Michelangelo's 'David' statue seen through time lapse

By Jerry Portwood

Bradford Cox's Crazed Hour-Long Cover

The avant-rock star had a minor meltdown in Minneapolis.

By Alex Taylor Williams

WATCH: Fran Drescher on Closeted Gaydar and Older Man Dating Drama

Two more videos in the 'Happy Hunting With Fran' video series

By Editors

Stephin Merritt: Gay Marriage and Teen Suicide Not Linked

The Magnetic Fields front man says gay discrimination wouldn't be in his top 1,000 objections to Catholicism.

By Mike Berlin

Catching Up With Amy Ray

The singer-songwriter (and one-half of the Indigo Girls) explains her solo album 'Lung of Love'

By Jerry Portwood

In The Bathroom With Keith Haring

How pop art made a million-dollar john

By Adam Rathe