The Looking Boys Get Woody in Season 2

...And five other things you should know today.

Frank Rich: Liberals Haven't Always Helped the Gays

New York Mag's Frank Rich reminds us that liberals like Bill Clinton and even Andrew Cuomo have taken swipes at LGBT …

By Evan Lambert

Madonna Misbehaves in New Single 'Girl Gone Wild'

Madge unleashes the second single from her MDNA album, an upbeat dance number about being a bad girl.

By Evan Lambert

Did Robert Downey Jr. Make Gwyneth Paltrow More Likable?

Actress exhibits sense of humor during awards ceremony.

By Mike Berlin

Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney Ads Might Have Been The Most Watchable Part of the Oscars

The comedianne and talk show host gave new meaning to extreme couponing

By Alex Taylor Williams

Azealia Banks Reveals Album Details

Album will drop in September, be titled 'Broke With Expensive Taste'

By Alex Taylor Williams

Dror Barak Dead at 38

Model and personal trainer reportedly dead from apparent suicide

By Editors

Who Won Oscars (and Who Didn't) Last Night

The full list of nominees and winners from the snoozy 84th Academy Awards

By Editors

Paul Rudd: Sheeping About Nudism

Rudd and Jennifer Aniston learned to look naked extras in the face

By Joshua Gardner

The Oscars: Billy Eichner's Take

The gay funnyman hits the streets of NYC to ask pedestrians their opinions about this year's Oscar nominees.

By Evan Lambert

And the Awards (Should) Go To...

A list of the films and filmmakers who may not be nominated for Oscars, but should deserve your respect

By Editors

British 'Survivor' Takes it All Off

'Shipwrecked' contestants bare all in island competition

By Joshua Gardner

Check Out The Trailer for 'Gayby'

Jonathan Lisecki's movie is headed to SXSW

By Editors

'She's Living For This' New York City Premiere

The wigs and wit were in great supply last night for the premiere of heretv!'s new variety show starring Sherry Vine …

By Editors

Ellen DeGeneres Billboard Removed

An L.A. billboard featuring an image of a dog dressed like Ellen has been taken down

By Evan Lambert

'Bully' Documentary Given R Rating

Weinstein threatens to leave MPAA after his appeal being denied

By Jerry Portwood

Nicki Minaj Releases 'Roman Reloaded'

Title track off new record, featuring Lil Wayne, drops early

By Editors