Into the Woods: Christine Baranski On Playing Cinderella's Stepmother

The actress returns to her comedic and musical roots with her turn as Cinderella's Stepmother in Into the Woods

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Willam Belli's Chick-Fil-A Music Video

The doll gives the anti-gay corporation some food for thought

By Alex Taylor Williams

Evangelical Filmmaker Jason Russell Goes Crazy and Naked

Russell, director of the now-famous 'Kony 2012,' recently had a very public meltdown on the sidewalks of San Diego. …

By Evan Lambert

Rick Santorum's Campaign Is A Hot Mess

The GOP candidate went shirtless in P.R. and threw out gay protestors in Illinois

By Alex Taylor Williams

Dave Franco: 'You've Literally Seen Me Have Sex With Myself'

James' little bro talks about his O face

By Editors

Ben Walker Can Sure Use His Ax

New ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ trailer released

By Editors

Lady Gaga Ready To Settle Down: 'I Want a Husband' She Tells Oprah

Singer wants to create her own 'team' of Little Monsters

By Editors

Oprah Cancels Rosie O'Donnell Show

'The Rosie Show' nixed after just one season

By Editors

Trailer Trash: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows'

Does this vampire suck? We weigh in

By Editors

HIDE/SEEK Exhibition Makes West Coast Debut

The controversial art show arrives in Tacoma with Liebovitz, Mapplethorpe, Goldin, and many others in tow

By Joshua Gardner

Will X-Men be the Next Gay Comic Wedding to Watch Out For?

A mutant marriage is in the works and it just might be between two dudes.

By Joshua Gardner

Take a Look Inside Keith Haring's Journal

See the artist's early work through his personal writing and sketches, one page a day, on tumblr

By Joshua Gardner

Keith Richards Sorry He Brought Up Mick Jagger’s Junk

Rolling Stone apologizes for discussing bandmate’s members in memoir

By Editors

Meghan McCain: 'You're Nobody Unless You Have A Gay Rumor About You'

Princess of the GOP loves the GAYS

By Editors

Spider Men In Love?

Reeve Carney sends Andrew Garfield flowers to welcome him to the neighborhood

By Joshua Gardner

Dharun Ravi Found Guilty of Some Counts in Rutgers Cyber-bullying Trial

Sentencing set for May 21, Ravi could face up to 10 years in prison

By Jerry Portwood

Channing Tatum Should Be A Sex Toy Model: Adam Scott

'Friends With Kids' star lets loose with how he really feels

By Editors