Matthew Goode: Benedict Cumberbatch Didn’t Need to Have Gay Sex on Film

...And five other things you should know today.

Keith Richards Sorry He Brought Up Mick Jagger’s Junk

Rolling Stone apologizes for discussing bandmate’s members in memoir

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Meghan McCain: 'You're Nobody Unless You Have A Gay Rumor About You'

Princess of the GOP loves the GAYS

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Spider Men In Love?

Reeve Carney sends Andrew Garfield flowers to welcome him to the neighborhood

By Joshua Gardner

Dharun Ravi Found Guilty of Some Counts in Rutgers Cyber-bullying Trial

Sentencing set for May 21, Ravi could face up to 10 years in prison

By Jerry Portwood

Channing Tatum Should Be A Sex Toy Model: Adam Scott

'Friends With Kids' star lets loose with how he really feels

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Who Are the Most Powerful (Men) of Broadway?

'Back Stage' publishes its Broadway Power List, finds few women to celebrate

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Anton Hysen is Dancing on TV

The soccer stud is on the Swedish version of 'Dancing With the Stars.'

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The Freaky Boiz, Yemenwed Take Queens

A gay old time will hit PS1 Sunday

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Justin Bieber's Favorite Gay Video

Music video, that is...

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Miss Piggy: Gay Talk-Show Trollop

The Muppet diva makes Anderson Cooper try on wigs and then drops by Bravo to gossip with Andy Cohen.

By Mike Berlin

Robbie Williams: I’m Not Fat, The Paparazzi Is Evil

Take That alum takes issue with ambush photogs, posts sexy pics to blog

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Channing Tatum Gets His Fingers All Up In Another Dude

Watch this strange, funny, almost illicit PSA from the '21 Jump Street' star

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Darren Criss Turns Down 'X Factor' Job

'Glee' star says no to reality TV gig, too busy being shirtless

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Watch: 'The Perfect Family' Trailer

Can Kathleen Turner become the godliest lady alive?

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Cyndi Lauper to Headline NYC Pride 2012

The pop star and LGBT advocate will join this years Grand Marshals

By Alex Taylor Williams

Roughly 25% of the LGBT Population Abuses Substances

A new health report about the gay community yields troubling results.

By Mike Berlin