Bitches, it's Madonna's Early Christmas Gift

The singer releases six songs early after leaked demos hit the web

Quote of the Day: Chris Hemsworth's Mom Called Him a Girl

Our May cover boy says he was the girly one of his brothers

By Editors

Azealia Banks Signs With Lady Gaga's Manager

Troy Carter to shape the upcoming rapper's image or just her business?

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Madonna: I Would Love To Work With Adele

Madge jumps on 'Rolling in the Deep' diva's bandwagon

By Adam Rathe

Life Without Dick?

The seemingly perpetual Dick Clark has died at the age of 82

By Jerry Portwood

Chloe Sevigny Apologizes For Trans Slur

Why did she say it? 'Nobody had ever told me'

By Editors

Catching Up With A*M*E

The London-based singer on war, rubber duckies, and the Golden Age of Pop

By Brett Edward Stout

The Point Foundation Honors Scholarship Recipients

Food, folks, fun...and a little bit of philanthropy.

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Robert Pattinson Doesn't Feel So Sexy

'Twilight' star miffed about less than stunning topless photos

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Anton Hysen Competes on 'Let's Dance'

The European footballer has some pretty fancy footwork

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Rosie O'Donnell Takes One for the Team

The talk show host has an amazing retort for a homophobic street 'preacher'

By Jerry Portwood

Hugh Dancy Wants You To Have An Orgasm

If you’re a pent-up 19th-century lady, that is.

By Editors

Bringing Modern Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake Wants to Be In Your Home

The movie and music star is planning to launch a new home line with Estee Stanley

By Jerry Portwood

Herndon Graddick is New GLAAD President

Graddick, who replaces interim president Mike Thompson, has presided over several high-profile campaigns.

By Evan Lambert

Watch Azealia Banks's Full Coachella Set

The lady-loving rapper hits California with a vengeance—and it's all on tape!

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Video: Jonny McGovern's "Texting on the Dancefloor"

McGovern's latest video parody addresses the clash of lives lived virtually and those lived analog, and the epic battle …

By Editors

Madonna Likes 'Em Cut

She's talking about sandwiches—isn't she?

By Evan Lambert