Bitches, it's Madonna's Early Christmas Gift

The singer releases six songs early after leaked demos hit the web

Jeremy Bernard: The Man Who Wields White House Invite Power

What does the social security actually do?

By Jerry Portwood

Watch It Now: Nicki Minaj Debuts "Starships" Video

The musician shows off her beach bod in the video for her hit single.

By Editors

'Keep the Lights On' Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival

Writer-director Ira Sachs admits actor Zachary Booth "looks good naked"

By Evan Lambert

Can You Pray Lady Gaga Away?

The pop diva is experiencing pushback-via-prayer from conservative Christians in South Korea

By Editors

Video: Trailer for 'Hope Springs' Features Meryl Streep Doing Naughty Things to a Banana

A preview of the upcoming movie starring the Academy Award winning actress as a wife trying to revive her marriage. …

By Editors

WATCH: The Big Pink's 'Hit the Ground (Superman)'

The latest single is an ode to Laurie Anderson's 1981 track 'O Superman (For Massenet)'

By Jerry Portwood

WATCH: Marriage Equality Commercial From the UK

Coalition for Equal Marriage released the video, titled 'Homecoming'

By Editors

Want to Watch Sherry Vine Anytime?

here! TV is Now on Hulu and Hulu Plus

By Editors

Brian Sims: Soon to Be Pennsylvania's First Openly Gay State Lawmaker

Hunky politician and college football star sets a precedent as a role model for many

By Jerry Portwood

Is Cher Broke? Or Just Spring Cleaning?

Controversy over the auction of key to the city Adelaide on eBay—now valued at $100,000—has Australians incensed …

By Alex Taylor Williams

WATCH: JbDubs 'F*** Em All'

The guy with the killer gams is back with his latest dancey video

By Editors

'Submissions Only' Season Finale: More Stars, More Skin

Guest stars include Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nick Jonas, Harvey Fierstein, Kerry Butler Jackie Hoffman, Lin-Manuel Miranda …

By Jerry Portwood

Rosie O'Donnell Says Lindsay Lohan 'Isn't Capable' of Playing Elizabeth Taylor

Controversial casting becomes hot-button issue on NBC's 'Today Show'

By Editors

Sexy Fireman Sells Sauza Tequila

Is that a cuddly French kitten you have there in your pocket?

By Editors

Happy Birthday, Barbra Streisand!

The iconic singer/actress celebrates her 70th birthday today.

By Editors

Fred Karger Releases 'Sexy Frisbee' Campaign Video for California Primary

Fred Karger still hopes to become the Republican party’s first openly gay, Jewish nominee. Now he's unveiled his new …

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