Ariana Grande Pens Song About Ex's Gay Affair


By Michelle Ehrhardt

Grande is “99.9 percent positive” her ex cheated on her with another man

Photo: Getty

'Dropping on Aug. 22, Ariana Grande's new album, My Everything, features one track that is not your typical anti-cheating revenge ballad.

The record, “Break Your Heart Right Back” — featuring former Community star Donald Glover's rapping alter ego Childish Gambino — is based on Grande's own experience with infidelity. “It’s about a boy who cheats on a girl with another boy. That’s a very fun concept,” Grande told Attitude. “Well, originally it was going to be about a boy who cheats with a girl, but then I was like, ‘No, I want it to be about a boy who cheats on a girl with another boy.'”

She took the concept one step further by using a sample of the Diana Ross disco classic, "I'm Coming Out:"

"I was like, 'How funny and tongue-in-cheek would it be if the song was about him coming out because he cheated on her with another guy?' It’s a cheeky song, I’m excited for people to hear it."

In a separate interview with Metro, the music artist explained that the song is about one of her own ex-boyfriends. “It’s one of my favorites on the album and it’s really funny because I believe it has happened to me. I’m not 100 percent positive, but I’m 99.9 percent positive.”

In a show of support, she added that “I would rather he cheats on me with a guy than with a girl any day! If I found out my boyfriend was gay, I would be like ‘OK!’ I’d be so relieved.”

We can only imagine how this one will translate into a music video