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Watch All 31 OITNB Guest Appearances on Law & Order

Watch All 31 OITNB Guest Appearances on Law & Order

1. Here's 31 times when Orange is the New Black actors appeared on Law & Order in one form or another. Apparently, once you're in the system it's hard to get out. (see below)

2. Tinder's CEO says they "take gender equality very seriously." But the app is based on a hot or not interface—so. 

3. A musical version of  The First Wives Club was announced. And you thought it couldn't get any gayer. 

4. Cher’s computerized closet program from Clueless is now a reality. Shut up and take our money. 

5. Ricky Martin wants to have a gaze-off with you and read you his journal. Don’t worry, he should be able to catch you when you swoon. 

6. There’s a new trailer for Channing Tatum’s Olympic wrestling film, Foxcatcher. Yes, there are singlets. 

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