Parker Posey & Amy Schumer Don't Want Nuts Anywhere Near Their...


By Stacy Lambe

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On the latest episode of Inside Amy Schumer, actress Parker Posey stopped by to grab lunch with the show's host. However, there was one condition when it came to their lunch: No nuts. In the sketch, the two hilariously freak out on the unsuspecting waiter tasked with serving them an allergy-free meal.

These ladies really don't like their nuts. 

Posey joins a long list of A-list actors who have participated in the second season of the Comedy Central hit. Paul Giamatti, Rachel Dratch, Zach Braff and former The Good Wife star Josh Charles have all appeared on the show. As for Posey, the small role follows a string of welcome TV guest appearances on The Good Wife, Louie and New Girl

Here's a request for TV: More Posey please.


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