Beyoncé’s 10 Most Influential Songs


By Stacy Lambe

From 'Crazy in Love' to 'Drunk in Love'

1. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"

While not as timeless (or as good) as other songs in Beyoncé’s deep catalog, “Single Ladies” definitely has the most cultural relevance. Thanks to a Gwen Verdon-inspired dance routine, the video became one of the most recognizable of the singer’s career. Suddenly everyone from Joe Jonas to Liza Minnelli was doing the dance spawning a craze that swept the nation, the Internet and flash mobs everywhere. Bey even got in on the joke by performing a parody on Saturday Night Live with host Justin Timberlake. In addition to launching viral sensations, it also launched the career of Heather Morris. The actress was the singer’s backup dancer during The Beyoncé Experience world tour and part of the singer’s “Single Ladies” promotional tour. Morris took the knowledge to the set of Glee, where she was hired to teach the choreography to Chris Colfer. She was later added to the cast and became one of the show’s most memorable characters. Without “Single Ladies,” there would literally be no Brittany S. Pierce.