Lady Gaga, Bill Murray & David Letterman Walk Into a Bar...


By Jerry Portwood

And the wig says?

Gaga is at Roseland, the last performer to have a concert at the legendary space in Times Square. The warehouse space is just a block from The Late Show with David Letterman studio (and just recently hosted the final Black Party and probably still smells of leather and lube).

Well, in an act of mutual adoration (masturbation?), the Mother Monster herself showed up on Dave's show last night, and then he and Bill Murray (who looked oh, so uncomfortable) headed over to Roseland to catch a couple of songs and document the concert for his audience.

First, there was the Letterman, Murray, Gaga selfie (is this what we've all devolved to?). At least she's doing it all in a wig to make RuPaul proud.

Then there was "Dope" (has anyone pointed out how similar this song/Gaga sound to Concrete Blonde/Johnette Napolitano?)

Finally, there was "G.U.Y."