Why Fred Phelps Was Excommunicated From The Westboro Baptist Church


By Alex Panisch

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

1. Fred Phelps got kicked out of his own church for “advocating a kinder approach between church members.” So basically, he thought they shouldn’t treat each other the way they treat other people and he got the boot. 

2. In honor of tonight’s 100th episode of Glee, Rae Votta has ranked all 99 episodes of the series! 

3. Macy Gray has signed on to play a recurring character on Lee Daniel’s Fox hip-hop drama, Empire.

4. Kanye has to do 250 hours of community service because he roughed up a pap at LAX.

5. A teacher in West Virginia posted on Facebook that starting a gay-straight alliance at his school would be like starting a “deer poaching” club. He’s now under investigation.

6. The video for Neneh Cherry and Robyn’s “Out of the Black” makes the '90s baby in me very happy. 

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