OUT June July 2016
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Stinson Vs. Lipton

1. There’s been some ups and downs, but let’s be real, this is why you fell in love with How I Met Your Mother

2. Archer and Bob’s Burger star H. John Benjamin plays a 16-bit hero who can fix your WiFi.

3. Billy Eichner’s Billy on the Street shtick works just as well with the Tonight Show audience

4. Homophobia can actually hurt a country’s GDP. What do you love more, Russia, bigots, or your bottom line?

5. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation only gave out $5,000 in grants, despite spending $1.85 million on legal, PR, and social media fees

6. Joe Manganiello talks Magic Mike 2 with Ellen. Can I Fandango this now?

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